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The 2010s
Episode 1026th January 2023 • Processing the Past • Hopewell Valley Student Publications Network
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Segment 1: music

More familiar artists, for the people my age who are still involved in music and in the industry today

Artists like Bruno Mars 

Black eyed peas 

as well as popular artists like Rihanna, who is performing in the upcoming super bowl, 

Tame Impala, most people around my age have heard of them and know that the artist Kevin Parker is known for making ethereal songs that feel unreal as the genre is sort of indie/rock

Another popular artist that I'm a fan of, hes gained a lot of popularity in the last years, Mac DeMarco, known for writing beautiful songs about falling in and out of love and talking about women so beautifully in his music, 

Him and Kevin Parker are both unique people with creative lifestyles

-As well as another popular band who formed mid 2000s

- didn't receive so much popularity until 2010, Beach house, another relaxing indie band, their beautiful music represents love, hurt and more

-their Album Depression Cherry, is graceful and their song “Space Song” is extremely incredible and sad and almost fragile all in one,

-I highly recommend them for a relaxing evening,

Segment 2: fashion

Most of this stuff will sound fairly familiar as many people still wear clothes and brands from these

- Brands such as supreme and gucci went crazy with their logos, 

-somehow it worked leading tons of people to show off this sort of style everywhere

-Athleisure or active wear was very popular, almost a way of showing off your lifestyle and how “healthy” you are

- even for those who didn't work out, they just wanted to be a part of this athletic mania

-People would even elevate their outfits, like track pants with suits or blazers, becoming a casual look to see on the streets.

- One thing many people have left behind in the early 2010s, the infamous skinny jeans

many people can pull it off, 

it's sort of because a norm now where baggier or mom jeans are seen more than skinny jeans 

Segment 3: Art

-Again Street art is still incredibly popular and is still going strong 

-But if there a main piece i'd like to talk about its the late 2010s, but were skipping up to 2016 where the famous “I can't help myself” a robot surrounded by puddling liquid, it used to be efficient and fast scooping in all of the liquid, but it slowly trickles back and spreads all over the floor

-Sun Yuan and Peng Yu, the creators of this robot are very creative and this industrial robot expresses so much emotion, even without any sound, color or people in this piece, It is very sad as the years pass and the robot becomes rusty and old,

It almost reminds me of Walle when he's the only robot left on earth cleaning up all the humans trash in a hopeless planet

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