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Follow Your “Yes” Friday – Intuition and risk often go hand in hand
17th March 2017 • Speaking of Partnership: Personal Stories of the Power and Payoffs of Partnership • Ken Bechtel
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Do you follow your "Yes?"

Following your "Yes" is about you taking a step forward in your partnerships by taking action and applying at least one thing you heard from our guests during their interviews this week.

On today’s episode, all of this week’s guests have generously provided BONUS MATERIAL, not included in the interviews you listened to earlier this week.

Each one has provided incredible examples of the power of following your “Yes”. 


Elizabeth Lesser

Not Following -

Elizabeth spent all of her 20’s, 30’s and much of her 40’s not following her “Yes” especially at work.

She would be in meetings and know at her core that she had something to contribute that would be a huge benefit and she either said nothing or presented it with a preface of an apology for even bringing it up.

Elizabeth spent many years unable to represent herself with dignity and clarity. As a result she was perpetually disempowered, kind of miserable, pissed off and feeling like a victim.

Eventually she figured out how to sort out her moments of “Yes” from moments of fear or ego brittleness and stand in her “Yes” with conviction. It was a long process but it was worth it.

Following -

There came a moment in Elizabeth’s work life where she knew that if she followed her “Yes” she was going to risk something really big. Potentially her job.

Listening to your intuition can take you into the fire.

She had been saying no to her “Yes” for quite a while and then she turned and faced it and said “OK, I’m with you all the way.” Even though it created some conflict, she stayed with it, and on the other side was a better situation for everyone.

Listen to Elizabeth's full interview here

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Cary Valentine

Not Following -

Years ago Cary was afraid of confrontation and did not have the tools to say things that were potentially a negative. 

He was afraid to follow his “Yes” if it appeared to be not so positive. This caused a lot of pain. It stopped the forward momentum in his life and in his relationship with his wife, Wendy.

Cary was haunted with all kinds of doubts. These doubts limited the level of intimacy he could have with his wife.

Following -

Right now in Cary’s life he has a woman in his life with whom he has a tremendous soul connection.

In this relationship he has what he calls “naked moments” where a feeling comes up for him that he’s scared to say. And even when he is worried that saying what he is feeling could freak her out and ruin things, he still says it.

When Cary follows this “yes” and says what he feels, it consistently brings their connection deeper.

This isn’t necessarily comfortable, but it is always worth it. He knows now that when he gets these feelings it is a sign that something deeper is about to happen.

If he doesn’t follow his “yes” he is basically allowing himself to die a little bit and the relationship to die too.

Listen to Cary's full interview here

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