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Matt Candland - Where collective bargaining with police goes wrong and other challenges in municipal management today
Episode 129th June 2022 • PCC Local Time • Nancy Joan Hess
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Matt Candland is the manager at Upper Moreland Township in Montgomery County Pennsylvania. In this episode he has a few things to say about collective bargaining laws for police and fire in Pennsylvania. He has a depth of understanding and skill for examining issues from multiple angles that not only makes him valuable in his profession but also makes him a great conversationalist. In this interview, We talk about police, the role of the municipal manager and challenges in municipal management today. His advice for young professionals in the field is timeless.

Show Notes:

4:06 Role of municipal manager in overseeing police budgets

5:02 Act 111 is a major to the future financial stability and sustainability of Pennsylvania communities

8:53 Adversarial relationships with police

12:07 Why we will never see reform on Act 111

13:39 Characteristics of successful police chiefs

16:40 Professional transitions as a municipal manager

19:10 Thoughts on role of assistant municipal managers

22:08 Advice for young managers coming up in the field

26:16 What makes it a good profession?

33:50 Tension arising from the blurring the lines between federal, state and local government

38:15 Thoughts on neutrality in municipal management and need for respect

39:37 Change comes with trust

42:34 Great project now: purchase of a dilapidated school building.

  • ICMA article authored by Matt Candland:

The Ethical Boundaries When Former Managers Live in Your Town

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