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Franchise Euphoria: Franchise Insights | Entrepreneurial Coaching | Business Training | Legal and Financial Strategy - By Josh Brown: Business Lawyer 5th May 2020
Turning a One-Man Operation into a Franchise System with Vince Ortiz of Transblue Franchise
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Turning a One-Man Operation into a Franchise System with Vince Ortiz of Transblue Franchise

Vince Ortiz is the Director of Franchise Development at Transblue. Vince has over 20 years’ experience of managing businesses within the construction and facility industries, including owning his own franchise and being actively involved in the franchise industry for 10 years. Vince prides himself in being able to provide valuable information on Transblue’s World-Class Business and counsel to people who are considering franchising.

Key Takeaways:

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[0:59] Josh introduces today’s guest, Vince Ortiz, the Director of Franchise Development at Transblue, a franchise system that offers construction and general contracting services.

[1:53] Josh welcomes Vince to Franchise Euphoria.

[2:30] Vince shares about his background as a franchisee and business owner and what led him to join Transblue.

[4:32] While Transblue operates within the construction and general contracting industry, they focus on niche services.

[7:06] Transblue started out with just their founder operating as the sole worker in his company who had a truck and a lawnmower.

[9:28] Vince details the importance technological innovations that help their franchisees work more efficiently.

[12:19] According to Vince, it is less important that their franchisees have general contracting experience but rather business leadership skills.

[13:33] The Transblue corporate headquarters are located in the Seattle area.

[14:40] As a new franchise system, Vince shares the importance of doing your homework before you launch your franchise.

[16:13] If you want to learn more about Transblue, visit their website listed below.

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