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Podcast Pontifications - Evo Terra EPISODE 262, 17th February 2020
Your New Podcasting Strategy: Viability-First [Episode 262]

Your New Podcasting Strategy: Viability-First [Episode 262]

If Podcast Movement Evolutions 2020 had a theme, it was this: commercial viability is podcasting’s new brass ring. 

Commercial viability means that the podcast has to pay for itself. It’s a business term because, for many, podcasting is a real and commercially viable business. 

Instead of asking “How do I grow an audience for my podcast?”, rephrase the question to “How do I grow a podcast for my audience?”

That change in thinking is at the core of what commercial viability in podcasting means. It starts with having an understanding of an audience and then building something that that audience wants. 

But what if you don't have an audience? What if you just have an idea for what you think might be a really great show? Common advice is “just start!”. But that leaving a lot to chance. No, it’s leaving everything to chance.

A better option is to put viability first. Take your idea to the audience before you start the podcast. Once you’ve identified the audience, shop your idea around with that audience. Ask them questions. Do interviews to make sure your idea can be crafted into a podcast that the audience truly wants and is something worthy of adding to their busy lives.

And if so, go build that podcast! 

I’ve more thoughts spurred from talks given and conversations had at Podcast Movement Evolutions 2020, so watch this space over the next few days. 

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