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Labor Trafficking: Part 3 - A Real Life, Local story
Episode 33rd November 2021 • Speaking for the Silenced • Hopewell Valley Student Publication Network
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Hopewell Valley Student Podcasting Network 

Show Name:  Speaking for the Silenced

Episode 3:  Labor Trafficking: Part 3 - A Real Life, Local story

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You are listening to Speaking for the Silenced podcast with your host(s) Jacqueline Sun.

In this episode of Speaking for the Silenced, we will conclude the Labor Trafficking segment with the third part and discuss a real life, local story of labor trafficking. This took place at a BAPS Hindu Temple in Robbinsville, just a 25 minute drive from where I am now. BAPS is a Hindu Denomination that is also a volunteer driven organization, with locations all over the world. 

Segment 1: My Experience With the Temple

Segment 2:  The Experience of the Victims

Segment 3:  The Aftermath

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  • Brooklyn and the Bridge by Nico Staf
  • At the Restaurant by Monolog Rockstars

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