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Education On Fire - Sharing creative and inspiring learning in our schools - Mark Taylor 21st September 2020
164: GoFundMe book launch countdown
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164: GoFundMe book launch countdown

Mark sets the scene for how Education on Fire is collating the inspiring content from three and a half years of podcasting to create a book for youngsters.

Just one week before the GoFundMe page goes live Mark shares his thoughts and passion for the project and invites you to join him on this mission to support every child to be their best self.

The stories, advice and resources shared on the podcast are gold. When it is put in context and explored one step at time children will have a clear idea of how schooling is only part of the tapestry to learning.

The education system is broken and many young people are disillusioned with school. However it is still an important part of our children's future. So how do we support them to be creative, inspired and passionate about learning so they can fulfil their potential?

School is important because you need qualifications to access higher education and jobs. BUT it is only part of the learning tapestry.

Some other key areas that support learning and growth include understanding:

- Mentorship

- Masterminds

- Empathy, Kindness & Gratitude

- Being of service to people

- Communities

- Expert advice

- Recommended resources

- Online learning

- Your family & friends

Find out more at www.educationonfire.com/book-launch/