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The Mindful Movement Podcast and Community - Sara and Les Raymond EPISODE 34, 18th April 2021
Self-Care is the Best Health Care: Interview with Dr. Adam Fields

Self-Care is the Best Health Care: Interview with Dr. Adam Fields

In this episode, Les chats with Dr. Adam fields about caring for the structure and function of the head and neck and the many components within this area in which we rely on to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Adam’s self care strategies can improve the way you feel in seconds. Adam also shares a touching story about how he has navigated his daughters health issues and how it has altered their relationship for the better. I hope you enjoy the show!

More about Dr. Adam Fields: He has brought the healing gift of chiropractic to far off lands and focuses much of his care above the neck. Through empowering 1000s with his YouTube channel, focused on helping others help themselves, he continues to help people around the globe. You will be intrigued by his stories and helped by his practical wisdom.

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