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CoreBrain Journal - Dr Charles Parker 8th August 2017
140 Autism Markers Provide New Data Targets – Woeller
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140 Autism Markers Provide New Data Targets – Woeller

Autism Markers: Expert Opinion On Biomedical Testing For ASD

You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.
~ Daniel Keys Moran

Dr. Kurt N. Woeller became a biomedical autism specialist many years ago in 1998. An original Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) referral physician, he has years of experience in researching and implementing advanced biomedical interventions based upon autism markers from laboratory testing, for individuals suffering from autism challenges. He now works as the Autism Outreach Clinical Director for Great Plains Laboratories in addition to his own interesting treatment and training practice linked next.

His extensive network of exceedingly helpful educational websites, books and webinars provide parents of individuals on the autism-spectrum, as well as physicians and other healthcare providers treating autism, access to an abundance of important information regarding the latest biomedical intervention systems.


Professionals: To engage in direct interaction with Dr. Woeller you can subscribe to his biomedical autism training website at AutismRecoverySystem.com - a deep resource for both professionals and parents.

On A Personal Note

I've known Dr. Woeller for many years and find him to be an exceedingly helpful clinician with remarkable translation skills in terms of addressing the difficult reality of hard data provided by specific autism markers, and then synchronizing it with clinical treatment. If you're a clinician I strongly recommend that you take a look at his Autism Recovery System and consider the fact that autism training takes you deeply into functional medicine clinical investigations that will find application almost anywhere in mind science.

Kurt is interesting, engaging, and on a serious mission to help all of us improve our assessment and treatment strategies. Our conversation here at CBJ is loaded with take-home messages for every level of autism interest.

Parents and Family: Tune in here for his Autism Global Summit, for parents and concerned family about the evolution of mind science.


Dr. Woeller Reports On Autism Markers

  • My practice for over 20 years, & my first reference point: The Rain Man [spp-timestamp time="4:28"]
  • Teaching experience, & just recently launched training programs at Autism Recovery System [spp-timestamp time="5:52"]
  • All of these multi-system dysfunctions directly affect the brain [spp-timestamp time="7:36"]
  • Thinking about autism markers is limited by a "camp" set of perceptions [spp-timestamp time="12:26"]
  • The key point is that autism can be helped [spp-timestamp time="13:17"]
  • The importance of a healthy gut [spp-timestamp time="15:52"]
  • The toxic effect of impaired gut physiology and Candida [spp-timestamp time="16:47"]
  • The relevance on OATS testing of Clostridia bacteria [spp-timestamp time="20:38"]
  • Sponsor Notes: The Berry Robinson Center & Direct Health Access Laboratory [spp-timestamp time="25:50"]
  • The relevant interface between OATS and IgG testing [spp-timestamp time="28:35"]
  • My testing priorities in sequence [spp-timestamp time="32:01"]
  • The relevance of testing for environmental toxins - GPL-TOX [spp-timestamp time="35:30"]
  • My Four Pillar Approach to working with every autistic child [spp-timestamp time="39:00"]
  • Dr. Seneff agrees on glyphosate relevance even involving IgG [spp-timestamp time="44:32"]


Dr. Woeller Complimentary PDF: Download Here

 7 Facts You Need to Know About Autism

(but probably weren't told) 


Dr. Woeller's Website & Additional Autism Markers Referenced


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Again, special thanks, Kurt, for your understandable and actionable insights for improved data-driven treatments for autism. I'm looking forward to our next discussion to improve treatment applications.


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