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100: Michael James | Growing From Childhood Abuse with Joseph's Brother
Episode 10014th April 2022 • Purpose Through Pain • Joseph James
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Welcome to episode 100! For this episode, Joseph wanted to reshare his interview with Joseph's brother, Michael James.

Family is so important to Joseph James, but as a child, it was quite difficult. He grew up with an abusive father and was very scared of rejection. In this episode, Joseph invites his brother, Michael James, onto the show. They discuss how they grew in their life and what they dealt with as an adult who grew up in an abusive household.

In This Episode:

  • Joseph and his brother, Michael, discuss their abusive childhood and the things they’ve taken from it.
  • Learn what drove Michael to become entrepreneurial.
  • Michel discusses how travel impacted him.
  • Michael opens up about his divorce.
  • Hear how cycling helped Michael’s mental health.
  • Learn how to stop quitting.

Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t allow your pain to stick to you.
  • You have to be able to stop erosion before you have a full flood.
  • We have everything we need to succeed. We just need to take the consistent, correct, steps.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Make it a priority every day to do SOMETHING.”
  • “You’re either eroding or growing.”
  • “We quit in small stages.”
  • “We’re built to make a difference.”
  • “You can’t be grateful and hateful at the same time.”

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