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That Thing About Stanley Tucci- Searching For Italy
Episode 2276th November 2022 • One More Thing Before You Go • Michael R Herst
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In This Episode: Do you love Italy? Do you love Italian food? What about culture and history and traditional recipes passed down from family member to family member? Stay tuned in this episode of One More Thing Before You Go Over the Teacup with Michael and Diane. We're going to talk about food and travel as we take a journey with Stanley Tucci’s Emmy Award winning non-fiction Series Stanley Tucci-Searching for Italy.

Diane and I absolutely love this Weekly Sunday night show that has Academy Award nominee Stanley Tucci traveling across Italy tasting the flavors of the land and the sea, discovering the history, secrets, and delights of the country's regional cuisines. CNN’s description of the show is “Viewers will go along with him as he enjoys the luxurious creamy carbonara of Rome, the delicious simplicity of Sicily's pasta alla Norma, the saffron-infused silkiness of risotto in Milan, the crispy tenderness of bistecca alla fiorentina, the perfect classic ragu alla bolognese and the world's best pizza in Naples. Tucci comes prepared with a bottomless appetite for it all, showing us how the diversity of Italian cooking offers a gateway through which you can glimpse Italy's history and culture (CNN 2021)”

You can find clips of the show as well as all the recipes to try them out for yourself on the website of which I will have a link in the show notes as it’s too long to actually say out loud here. and

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