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Franchise Euphoria: Franchise Insights | Entrepreneurial Coaching | Business Training | Legal and Financial Strategy - By Josh Brown: Business Lawyer 21st January 2020
Finding the Why in Your Franchise with Trevor Rappleye of CorporateFilming
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Finding the Why in Your Franchise with Trevor Rappleye of CorporateFilming

Trevor Rappleye is the CEO of CorporateFilming and Franchise Filming, businesses dedicated to helping franchises drive sales with ongoing video creation of their successful franchisees. Trevor and his team come in and find the story, emotion and WHY of a franchise to drive leads, recruitment and brand image. They never allow scripts on site and let the story come to life!

Key Takeaways:

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[0:59] Josh introduces today’s guest, Trevor Rappleye, the CEO of CorporateFilming and Franchise Filming.

[1:51] Josh welcomes Trevor to Franchise Euphoria.

[2:58] Trevor shares how he became so passionate about his industry.

[4:15] CorporateFilming is a subscription-based model that services all of the United States.

[6:45] One of Trevor’s favorite things to share about the business is that they get your happy, successful franchisees on film.

[7:58] CorporateFilming provides ongoing monthly services rather than a one and done video service.

[9:20] Trevor shares how he came up with this business concept and why he landed on a subscription based service.

[12:42] Although CorporateFilming frequently gets asked about services to promote the videos they make, they stay focused on just creating videos.

[15:56] Trevor recommends that people who are considering these types of videos to start small and work your way bigger.

[17:52] When CorporateFilming takes on a new client, the first thing they do is conduct a required one hour video chat to get to know your franchise brand and personality.

[19:12] If you want to learn more about Corporate Filming, visit their website listed below.

[20:24] Thanks for listening, and please, reach out to Josh anytime through email at josh@franchiseeuphoria.com. If you enjoyed this interview, please leave us a review on iTunes.

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