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Episode 53: Win the Relationship Not the Deal with Casey Jacox
Episode 536th May 2022 • Revenue Real Hotline • Amy Hrehovcik
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On this Revenue Real Hotline episode, I have the honor of bantering with Casey Jacox. Author of Win the Relationship Not the Deal, host of the Quarterback Dadcast, speaker and leadership coach extraordinaire. 

Topics discussed:

  • Who is Casey Jacox? (05:17)
  • How did Win the Relationship, Not the Deal come to be and what habits and routines did Casey create to get it done? (12:14)
  • What are the books that impacted us? (21:31)
  • What impact does the athlete worship and never ending sports analogies have on the morale of your team? (24:45)
  • How did Casey and I become aware of our own white privilege? (31:36)
  • Allyship is an action verb. (42:39)

Resources mentioned:

For more Casey Jacox:

For more Amy

Inspiration for the Handmaiden's Tale reference at the beginning goes to the women at the Strict Scrutiny podcast. Thank you!