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50. Being Your Authentic Self with Louise Fitzpatrick
Episode 508th January 2024 • ADHD Mums • Jane McFadden
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On this episode of The ADHD Mums Podcast, Jane is joined by Lou Fitz, founder of the Anxiety Project. Lou speaks about the significance of understanding anxiety, especially for women and their daughters. Drawing on her 20-year battle with anxiety and a subsequent four-year struggle with depression, Lou advocates for a deeper self-awareness to build confidence and authenticity. Lou narrates her experience of wearing masks, presenting a facade of strength while crumbling on the inside. Lou's journey involved self-reflection, uncovering root causes, and confronting the societal stigma surrounding mental health.

The conversation delves into Lou's personal life, touching on her two boys and her recent diagnosis of ADHD. Lou candidly describes her struggles with focus, energy management, and the acceptance of her ADHD diagnosis, and reflects on how her ADHD diagnosis, received earlier this year, brought clarity and understanding to her life. Lou also speaks about how her prescribed medication brought about a transformative calmness, allowing her to be more productive and accomplish tasks without the constant noise of anxiety and distraction. 

Throughout the podcast, Lou and Jane discuss the challenges of seeking help, societal expectations, and the journey towards self-discovery. Lou's raw and relatable storytelling aims to inspire others to confront their own struggles and find the strength to overcome them.

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