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The Ego: How It Keeps You from Taking Action
7th December 2017 • The Higher Self with Danny Morel • Danny Morel
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There are two parts inside of you that are alive and functioning: the ego and the spirit. What is the sole purpose of the ego? What are the tricks the ego plays to hold you back from success? How can you get your ego under control and out of your way? On this episode, we talk about mastering the tricks of the ego and how that will grow your business.  

3 Things We Learned:

The ego exists to keep you safe, stop you from taking risks and protect you from embarrassment.

Your spirit is the other side that pushes you further, encourages you to get out of your comfort zone and seek personal development.

The universe can’t give you more if you can’t handle what you already have.

The ego’s tricks have been controlling the way we think and act-- ultimately controlling our income. The ego keeps you from experiencing life and growing your business, and unless you take care of the battle that’s happening in your mind, you won’t move forward. The more the ego’s tricks control your actions, the less control you actually have. To beat the ego, get specific and detailed about your values so you can draw a line that the ego just cannot cross.

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