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Better Each Day Podcast Radio Show with Bruce Hilliard - Bruce Hilliard EPISODE 132, 29th April 2020
Jon Coyne and Teasers From the May 15 Pawn Shop Boulevard EP with Bruce Hilliard
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Jon Coyne and Teasers From the May 15 Pawn Shop Boulevard EP with Bruce Hilliard

[caption id="attachment_3747" align="alignright" width="200"] Jon Coyne the Hoopsmiles man.[/caption]

That was I Have the Virus by Jon Coyne. Jon is actually a relative. A first cousin once removed, aka nephew. You can check out Jon Coyne’s YouTube channel and see the most incredible hula hooper ever. It’s probably easiest to remember Hoopsmiles, that’s the name of his show. Jon is also located on Patreon and I’ll include links on my show notes. Just remember Hoopsmiles and check it. Super good.

I submitted my five song EP to distribution a few weeks ago. It will be available on several streaming platforms where the music can be listened to, added to playlists, bought or blessed by the Pope. The biggie is Spotify...and here’s why.

Streaming is the norm for music consumption in 2020. Spotify is the leader with over 113 million paid monthly subscribers and 250 million users. Even though Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music and Pandora are relevant, we want this music to have the highest chances of being discovered by the most users and subscribers. That’s why the focus on Spotify, the industry leader.

Which makes for a really good segue to this, the teasers I’m putting on the Better Each Day website. There’s a page that’s dedicated episodes, the one you always see when you play the shows, a page for my bio and now, one for my music. So here we go, a few seconds of the songs starting with 12-string guitar, a song called Hold On.


Here's a song I wrote that has people asking “is that about Seattle or Aberdeen rain?” The answer is: it’s a metaphor about being stuck anywhere in Endless Rain.


The next song has a video that was shot on Aurora Av in Seattle, on March 26th, early on in the lockdown, on what I call Pawn Shop Boulevard.


Up next is my cowboy song about a guy that’s running from the law...and his name is Joey.


The fifth and final song is the theme music from this show, Better Each Day.


I hope you’re enjoying spring break. There's a link on all Better Each Day emails, and on my Facebook posts and you can cut to the chase and go directly to Spotify and visit my artist page. Key “Bruce Hilliard Spotify” into your favorite search engine and I’ll be there waiting there for you. Any activity like listening to my music, adding songs to your playlist, anything, tells Spotify there’s a happy buzz out there and helps the EP compete with the tens of thousands of other releases.

Be safe and if this EP does well...party at my place!

Jon Coyne's Hoopsmiles YouTube

Jon's Patreon

Bruce's Spotify