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How Emotional Intelligence Can Help Solve the World’s Problems
Episode 9418th May 2021 • Love In Your Life • Dolah Saleh
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Just as intellectual intelligence is known as IQ, so too is the measure of emotional intelligence known as EQ. If we understand exactly what emotional intelligence is, then we also recognize how EQ is part of the answer to solving the world's problems.

Consider that each human being is either aware of their emotions and can manage them or they are being run by them. Here's the definition by Daniel Goleman: "...(EQ) refers to the array of personal-management and social skills that allows one to succeed in the workplace and life in general. EQ encompasses intuition, character, integrity, and motivation. It also includes good communication and relationship skills." So, if you are not aware and able to manage your emotions through sensitive expression, then what is apt to occur is that you will be led by your unmanaged emotions, risking unproductive and negative expressions that are off-putting to others with whom you interact.

With only that much, is it not easy to see how extrapolating the ability to be emotionally intelligent from the personal to the national and global challenges of and in the world is an answer?