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Adrienne Starr || Finding Happiness and Purpose Outside of Sports
Episode 2716th June 2021 • Life Beyond the Game • Joe Hawley
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Adrienne Starr has spent the last decade on her free agent grind. As a true utility player, she has navigated the professional sports world with her hands in talent management, client services, marketing, event execution and most importantly a development coach. She continues to pursue her purpose of helping athletes achieve success beyond sport while sparing no effort to encourage professionals in the collegiate and professional space to collaborate.

In this episode, Adrienne and I dive into the work she does helping athletes transition out of sports. How can former athletes find camaraderie, manage their time, and create impact for a life full of meaning and happiness. When an athlete's career ends, the journey is really just beginning, and there are practical steps we can take to create a new map for our lives.

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