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Your Life Of Impact with Brett Robbo - Your Life Of Impact with Brett Robbo 10th May 2020
Ep. 144 Thriving Through Challenge, with Amber Hawken
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Ep. 144 Thriving Through Challenge, with Amber Hawken

What thriving is for you will be different to what thriving is for me, and will be different again to what thriving is for Amber.

Ultimately, your ability to thrive comes down to choice and alignment. Right now we have an opportunity to reflect and choose and truly decide if we've been living in alignment or not.

This is another episode where I'm bringing on former guests to share their experiences, challenges and beliefs about the current world crisis and also their tips and strategies on how we can all thrive in these challenging times and not just survive - to give us different ways to think about our situations, our lives, our existence and our reality. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Amber’s greatest personal learnings in these challenging times.
  • Questions from you listeners who submitted into the facebook group, like: How to maintain discipline of alignment, good routines and habits when you’re back in the commute and pressure of work again. 
  • We discuss how Amber believes we can all Thrive and what thriving actually means to her. 
  • Why shifting energy before taking action is so important. 
  • How and why personal experience in certain areas of life aren’t prerequisites of great coaching.
  • Amber’s 12 week coaching program called “supercharged” and how you can build quantum resilience from it. 
  • And we chat about a project her and I have been working on before and during the COVID period that we’re extremely proud of and excited to share with you all, called the THRIVE series. 

Check out all the info about THRIVE and how you or your organisation can benefit at calmmindco.com

Follow Amber online:

Instagram: @amber_hawken

Website: amberhawken.com