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How To Use Our Inner Gatekeepers, The Intention of Being and Quaning To Be Our True Self With Helma Lieberwerth
6th January 2023 • The Superhumanize Podcast •
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Do you have a longing for deep fulfillment in your life and work? And have you already walked many routes in your personal development but you feel like there is still a lot of the journey left? If you are like me, then you feel that connecting with and actually being and living our true Self is part of the most important life work each of us can do. Our guest today, Helma Lieberwerth is a global authority on illuminating and teaching how you can be your true Self. Helma's work has been mentioned in the same breath with luminaries such as Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden and Byron Katie.

For Helma Lieberwerth it is paramount that everyone is truly themselves and from that baseline they are then able to contribute to the greater work of the collective human family. Helma is the founder of the vision on people and personal growth called the Intention of Being and developed the Quaning Guidance methodology.

Helma is the co-author of the book Intention of Being: A Groundbreaking and Extraordinarily Positive View on Who You Really Are and has facilitated for tens of thousands of people to experience their true Self, living a fulfilling life from inner trust.

In this episode with Helma, you'll discover:

-What is "the Intention of Being?"...03:30

-How the Intention of Being is manifested in our lives...06:00

-Examples of clues in our immediate environment that indicate our Intention of Being...10:00

-The "magnetic effect" and how it influences our "personal information field"...13:20

-How our personal experiences make up our own personal "school of life"...19:05

-About our inner "gatekeeper" and how to make it a positive force in our lives...25:08

-"Quaning" and how it affects your Intention of Being...32:00

-Real life example of Quaning having a positive effect in the life of an individual...37:15

-How Quaning is different from other types of healing practices...40:11

-Helma's work in paranormal therapy...44:10

-Ways to cultivate our "beloved constant"...47:20

-Helma's best personal practice...50:15

Resources mentioned:

Helma's website

Intention of Being: A Groundbreaking and Extraordinarily Positive View on Who You Really Are

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