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Our Journey - Josh & Ellen
Episode 916th January 2023 • Navigating Love and Immigration™ • Megan Pastrana
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Our Journey - Josh and Ellen

In this week's episode, Megan interviews Josh and Ellen, a couple who have experienced the immigration system first hand, and are here to share their story. Along the way, they discuss the unique challenges they faced while going through the immigration process and how they were able to find support and guidance. They also delve into the stress and complexity of navigating the process as a couple, the importance of finding that support, and the value of maintaining open communication and understanding throughout.

Among the challenges they faced, Josh and Ellen recount the long wait times involved and go on to emphasize the importance of patience and grace. They also highlight the value of seeking support from both family and professionals, as well as the importance of keeping track of and collecting documentation of the relationship. The episode draws to a close with some valuable tips for couples who are just starting their immigration journey.

Episode Highlights:

  • Josh and Ellen’s story
  • Becoming overwhelmed by the immigration process
  • Seeking help from a professional
  • The importance of open communication and understanding in their relationship
  • Their experience with the adjustment period after getting married 
  • The challenges of long distance relationships during the immigration process
  • Finding support from others going through similar experiences
  • Patience and grace
  • Advice for couples just starting the process
  • Collecting and organizing relationship documentation


"Going through that process of trying to find somebody to help us with that, not knowing how long the process is going to take - it can be quite stressful. So we're very grateful that we found you guys and you were able to help us with that."

"I think we were both definitely overwhelmed.”

"I think it's important to just remember that it is a process and it's not going to happen overnight. So just try and stay positive and communicate with each other."

"I think having patience is key and just being there for each other and supporting each other through the process."

"It's important to find people who are going through the same thing or have gone through the same thing because they can provide a lot of support and guidance."

"It was tough being apart, but it just made our relationship stronger in the end because we had to communicate more and we were more understanding of each other's situation."

"And then if you have questions, ask your attorney."

"Just keep it in mind, like, still just collecting as you go through your relationship. Just collecting, like, any documentation that you have with your relationship."


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