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Podcast Pontifications - Evo Terra EPISODE 248, 8th January 2020
An End To Podcast App Agnosticism & Apathy [Episode 248]

An End To Podcast App Agnosticism & Apathy [Episode 248]

For the better part of 15 years, I’ve had the attitude that I really don't care what app someone uses to listen, because all podcast apps do basically the same stuff. As you listen to podcasts these days, you’ll often hear podcasters end their shows with a call to action of “available wherever you listen to podcasts”. Again, there’s a sameness and uniformity of podcast listening apps.

But saying “wherever you listen” is missing a key point: anyone who asks “How can I find your show?” clearly doesn’t know where to find any podcast!

Yes. I know you've seen the studies that show that now more than 51% of the population has, at one time, listened to a podcast, but I don't trust that number. It’s not like the survey people said “Prove it!” to any of their respondents. 

The reality is that many -- perhaps most -- people actually don't know how to listen to a podcast. So if anyone ever asks you, “How can I find your podcast?”, don't tell them, “It's available anywhere you listen to podcasts!” 

What should you do instead? Previously when someone asked about my show or one of my clients’, I’ve asked what kind of phone they carry, and then direct them to the native app on their phone. Or to Spotify if they have that app pre-installed. That's fine to do, but I don't think that's as helpful as it could be.

I think that 2020 might be the year we finally start seeing some differentiation -- differentiation that actually matters -- in the podcast app space. It’s up to you (and to me) to help find an app that truly does differentiate (or at least is one that we think our new listeners will love) and to guide our potential listeners how to use it.

I know it sounds crazy, especially if there’s already a perfectly good-but-unused app on their phone! But you’ll make a much deeper connection with that person that way vs saying the equivalent of “It's been on your phone all along and you're dumb because you couldn’t find it.”

Speaking of not doing dumb things, you should totally:


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