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The 25 Hottest American Procurement Tech Startups
Episode 1312th June 2024 • The Procurement Software Podcast • James Meads
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On this episode of The Procurement Software Podcast, host James Meads dives into the world of procurement tech startups. With over 440 solutions in our software directory over at, we aim to educate procurement leaders on the vast array of software options available to them. There's so much more out there than just clunky, legacy technology. Highlighting 25 innovative US-based procurement startups, the episode provides valuable insights into emerging players who don't necessarily have the marketing presence and events budget of larger companies. Tune in to discover how these startups are shaping the future of digital procurement.

The 25 Hottest American Procurement Tech Startups

In this episode, we spotlight 25 of the hottest American procurement tech startups. We explore
  1. Focal Point offers intake, project management and procurement performance;
  2. Lavenir AI offers ongoing, virtual negotiation training practice;
  3. Raindrop is a complete spend management suite built on modern technology;
  4. FRDM focuses on supply chain risk management;
  5. LUPR leverages Salesforce data for SRM.
  6. Part Analytics looks at direct materials and purchased parts for manufacturing businesses;
  7. Ravacan enhances planning and inventory for manufacturing firms;
  8. Requis specialises in capital equipment procurement and asset disposal;
  9. Levelpath is an early stage startup simplifying procurement intake;
  10. Altana uses AI for global trade solutions;
  11. Graphite Systems looks at intake;
  12. LightSource innovates in offering a user-friendly sourcing platform;
  13. Opstream AI improves procurement intake and supplier discovery;
  14. Varisource focuses on IT sourcing;
  15. Planergy is a P2P solution for mid-sized businesses
  16. Scalewith targets ESG and sustainability;
  17. SaaSrooms manages SaaS spend;
  18. Zapro offers comprehensive, affordable P2P for SMEs;
  19. Zumen offers Source-to-Pay solutions for direct materials
  20. e2Log looks at logistics procurement.
  21. Control Hub offers comprehensive P2P and inventory management to mid-market
  22. Lightyear focuses on telecoms spend
  23. Leverage provides supply chain visibility
  24. OpenEnvoy niches down on accounts payable
  25. WorkSuite, last but not least, is a freelancer workforce management platform.
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