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RR 335: Build Your Own Apprentice Program – Secretary Kelly Schulz & Dwayne Myers
12th June 2018 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Join Maryland Labor Secretary Kelly Schulz and Dynamic Automotive’s Dwayne Myers as they discuss the power of apprenticeship! Learn how the state of Maryland and Dynamic Automotive worked together to create an apprenticeship program that helped build Dynamic’s workforce, and how Maryland businesses are embracing apprenticeship programs. Learn how you can follow Dynamic’s lead and grow your own talent with Maryland Apprenticeship.

Talking points:

  • Maryland Apprentice Program.
    • Received grant for the program from the federal government- Established Regional Navigators and set aside 700k to give back as grants for businesses interested in starting an apprentice program.
    • Facilitator, not a recruiter.
  • Dwayne Myers-Registered Sponsor.
    • For the apprentice, a 3-year program while working full time.
      • 2 colleges are eligible for credit courses.
      • Work 2,000 hours per year.
      • 144 hours of education.
    • A registered apprentice program is considered a full-time job.
    • There is a structure in these programs but they are good for your business.
  • Dwayne Myers Youth Program.
    • High school age, 450 hours work/learning, up to 14 months in total.
    • Students able to get a taste for the industry to see if they have interest.
  • Competency Apprenticeship.
    • Allows sponsor and apprentice to gauge certain competency skills.
      • Could obtain needed certifications or skill set within a shorter time frame.
  • Benefits of having an apprentice program.
    • Business is training and molding future employee. An investment in your team.
    • Apprentice has the option besides 4-year college education, on the job training and on pay scale based on learned skills.
    • What if they leave after training? Answer: What’s making them want to leave?
  • Millennial/Apprentice career path mindset.
    • How much will they make? When will they make that? What classes are required? Where will they be after the program helps sets a career path?
  • All of Dwayne’s technicians are millennials. His senior technicians were promoted to managers.
  • This program has filled Dwayne’s pipeline of potential hires.
  • Training is the number one retention tool.
  • Create your own ‘Talking Points’ postcard when you are at events, are with parents and educators.
  • Business perspective:
    • Build your workforce.
    • Connect talent to the future.
    • Plan for team member succession.
  • Apprentice perspective:
    • Discover their dream job.
    • Earn while you learn.
    • Get a head start.
    • Gain confidence.
    • Make new friends.

Maryland Apprenticeship Website

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