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Is 12 minutes of exercise all you need?
Episode 527th December 2020 • WaveTalks: Fitness for Humans! • 3Wave Fitness & K Borsuk, D Walkden, J Walesch
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This is a short podcast. 13 minutes and change. And in that time we're going to talk about 12 minute workouts, which are becoming more popular since there was a study that was published in the journal Circulation that was picked up by the Harvard Gazette. (Find that article by clicking here.)

We wanted to weigh in on this because it's an intriguing prospect to commit to only 12 minutes of exercise per day that is not insane cardio or HIIT (though it can be, if you want!) Most people think of shorter time limits meaning much more intensity, which can be off-putting, but this study suggests that this notion is incorrect.

So for people that have struggled with motivation, maybe we can look to just starting with 12 minutes of movement per day and building on that. When you find out what all of the benefits of this are, we think you'll be willing to give it a go. And when you pair that with our podcast about motivation, you may really have some tools to get yourself going!



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