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Unique Leaders Podcast - Megan DiMartino EPISODE 20, 20th January 2021
Unique Leader: Lisa Copeland
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Unique Leader: Lisa Copeland

Lisa is a unique spirit and a true seeker of adventure. She started out in the fashion industry as a young adult. During this time in her life, she wrecked her car which led to her meeting the man that would later become her husband. She knew she needed a car - from there she began a career in the automotive industry. During her early years in her auto career, Lisa was different than the other salesmen because she was authentic. She was real with her clients which was a breath of fresh air for most.

Something particularly important that she learned from the auto industry was to not depend on anyone else for your success. The only person who can make you successful is you! When you go through tough times on your own and you make it, you feel more accomplished and confident. “Fail Forward”

Don’t miss her amazing story about her career in the auto industry.

After leaving the auto industry she began speaking and consulting. Until the pandemic hit. As she has always done in her life, she pivoted to her new venture in Real Estate. In 2020 she created a team with eXp Realty. She educates her team about the Real Estate market and flipping houses. She also works to educate her clients on how to growth their wealth with their assets.

Lisa is a master at creating strategies and a plan and executing them.

Through she has had many failures she has not given up. During this segment of Unique Leaders, she shares the importance of continuing and never giving up.

About the Guest:

Lisa Copeland has “Reinvented The Art of Real Estate” with the start of the eXp Realty Group. She is a licensed agent and experienced mortgage industry professional with more than 25 years of experience. 

Before transitioning to real estate fulltime, Lisa founded Austin Mortgage Associates in 2000. As CEO of the company, she personally originated and funded over $150 million dollars in residential mortgages comprised of Conventional, FHA, VA, and construction loans.

In addition to her mortgage and real estate industry experience, Lisa excelled in the automotive industry for many years as managing partner and general manager of the #1 FIAT/Alfa Romeo dealership in the U.S. This work along with her continued interest in the art of negotiation and deal-making inspired her to publish two books, “Crushing Mediocrity” (co-authored with Rene Banglesdorf) and “Car Buying Her Way.”

When she is not attending to the needs of her clients, Lisa speaks at events and tradeshows all over the world on topics related to strategy and sales and negotiation tactics.


Facebook: @LisaCopelandAgent 

Facebook: @eXpRealty


About the Host: 

Megan Di Martino is a New York girl deep in the heart of Texas! A lifelong creator of beauty with a serving, mentoring spirit. She has started, scaled, sustained and sold 2 seven figure businesses in the Skin Care-Spa Industry. Her purpose is to build teams that in turn build businesses. In January 2020, her book went to number one on Amazon. In April 2020, her award-winning skin care line, Novita Spa Clinicals, was nominated in the Product Innovation Category, for the Austin Women's Way Awards. Megan is now continuing to speak, write, coach and consult with businesses and individuals to help them reach their dreams, goals and desires. "Novita...New Birth...New Life...Always Something New...That's My Promise."

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