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393: Greg Fellows – Using Online Arbitrage for Mailbox Money selling on Amazon
17th June 2019 • eCommerce Momentum Podcast • eCommerce Momentum Podcast
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Great story of perseverance pushing past a very big obstacle. Think you have the grit and determination to keep going? Think you would have given up? Greg is a great example of what it takes to be a winner. Can you follow his example? He says YES!


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Here is transcript- It is automated so it is not perfect but it does seem to get better over time.

Greg:                                     [00:00]                     Three of Gaye’s lists. Now I think I’m about to do another one. Um, it’s really, if I had better her management skills and better skills and growing a team, um, I would have been able to scale it a lot bigger than it is now. So people that are just starting a hub with Amazon, if they have the WHO’s team building skills, you could, it’s amazing how fast you could scale.

Cool Voice Guy:                [00:28]                     Welcome to the ecommerce momentum bud jazz, where we focus on the people, the products, and the process of ecommerce selling. Today. Here’s your host Steven Peterson.

Stephen:                             [00:42]                     Hey, wanted to take a second and talk about Gaye Lisby and Gary, Ray’s Amazon seller tribe and their daily lists that are put out an incredible stories that you can read if you go out and check out a amazing, forward slash momentum hyphen arbitrage. I know that’s a lot to put in there. Amazing, forward slash momentum dash Arbitron and you’re going to get 14 day free trial, no money risk, no, no challenges. You don’t want it when you’re done, you get out. But imagine getting lists. Um, as grateful as I like to call it, mailbox money. I love that term. Mailbox money. It’s where you can work from your house, buy things online, having them deliver it to you and then sell them on various marketplaces. But imagine you can have somebody else do that for you. So you want to buy time, you want to control, uh, what they’re buying.

Stephen:                             [01:38]                     Well, you take these lists and you can join multiple lists if you’re interested and then you can segregate them for the merchandise you want and send them to them. They can make purchases for you on your behalf. Have it delivered to you or delivered to them for prep. Boom, sent into these marketplaces and you could sell. How about that? Wouldn’t that be awesome? I spoke at their conference and there were so many million dollar sellers just using online arbitrage. It’s still available. And again, 14 days, the only way you’re going to get 14 day free trial. So if he come through my link, um, it is an affiliate link. Uh, they do pay me, so I don’t want to mislead you in any way. Um, I would appreciate it, but I’d like to see you try the 14 days. I’ve had so many people that have joined, have so much success.

Stephen:                             [02:21]                     It’s very exciting to me and you know, quite humbling to me, um, that they trust me to recommend this group and I hundred percent recommend this group. I’ve seen the results. These are great people that will also teach you to fish. This isn’t just a, hey, here’s the list. You’re on your own. No, this is, hey, here’s why that wasn’t a good deal over here. Hey, there’s another opportunity and you get to join their groups. And it’s just a phenomenal group of people. Um, just great, great, uh, leaders in that group and these lists are phenomenal. So again, it’s amazing., forward slash momentum, how you Finn arbitrage amazing, forward slash momentum hyphen arbitrage. Use that get two weeks free. Try it. You don’t like it, drop out, but give it a shot if you want to add that to your business. Welcome back to the ECOMMERCE momentum podcast.

Stephen:                             [03:10]                     This is episode 393, Greg fellows. Um, don’t adjust your sound. Um, I’m trying to adjust the level. So we, we both speak at the same level and Greg will talk about his voice and so, um, don’t get thrown off. It’s, it a fascinating story, but it’s one of those things that, um, I’m trying to adjust for. So, um, you know, my voice isn’t too dominant. Um, and we can get through it. Um, great guy, great story of, and I said to him after the call, it’s like you could be in the corner sucking his thumb and earn it, earns the right, you know, to be, you know, woe is me. And it’s like, no, Whoa, look out for me because he’s crushing it and the optimism, his ability to say, no, I learned something new this weekend. I’m going to double my business even faster.

Stephen:                             [04:02]                     That’s the story right there. Um, he is not an eternal optimist. He’s just knows that he can do it. He’s done it. His ending, you know, at the end I always asked the same question now how did he push through it? How to, how did you get past it? This is some of the solid advice. He just knows it. Look back at the small successes and then just make them bigger, just replicate them. And so he was able to do that and he’s done it in such a big way. And I just hope you get as inspired as I am, um, because he’s the real deal and doing it and doing it. Um, and he’s not apologizing for doing it. It’s just a great story and it’s going until the podcast. Now, welcome back to the ECOMMERCE momentum podcast. We’re excited about today’s guest. Uh, none, no, no. Look quite long time actually, and it’s the first time we get a chance to chat. Um, and you know, we’re going to explain, um, about Greg’s voice. Um, and so when you listen to this, I’m going to adjust the volumes because I don’t want him to strain his voice, but you’ll understand he’s going to explain to us, um, that he does have, uh, some, uh, voice issues and we’re going to actually explain how he got there, but just want to make sure, um, welcome Greg fellows. Welcome Greg.

Greg:                                     [05:10]                     Yeah. Are you doing?

Stephen:                             [05:12]                     I’m doing really well. Okay. So let’s, let’s get the elephant out of the room for first. Okay. So when people are listening to this, they’re gonna, they’re gonna be like, wait, that is, that’s, that’s his true voice. Correct. This is now the way you speak.

Greg:                                     [05:28]                     Oh yeah. It’s, uh, it’s been about 10 years. Um, yeah, who’s about 10 years ago? I started to notice something was different with my voice. Um, and over the past, or I’m sorry, hold for the next year, it progressively got worse. I went to a bunch of doctors, nobody knew what it was, and then I finally went to one doctor who was seeing him for something completely different. And, uh, he looked at me and said, have spasmodic Dysphonia. And I said, what is that? He said, it’s basically whenever you speak your poco cords break open. So it sounds really preppy. Uh, certain syllables. And I did a bunch of research on it and realize that’s what it was. I went to a bunch of other doctors and uh, yeah, this, this is a bit, it’s gotten a little bit better over the past 10 years because I can manipulate certain words and I can manipulate my vocal chords into having sound when it normally wouldn’t.

Stephen:                             [06:32]                     So, so you’ve been able to improve it just by getting used to an adjusting and that kind of thing? Yes. Yeah. Well let’s, let’s go backwards. Um, it’s not getting worse. No, no. It’s been like this for her eight years. Okay. Well that’s good. Oh, that’s good. Well, let’s go back and talk about your story. You’ve got a fascinating story. Um, and some, you know, some would say you had a dream life in some ways. Um, Greg, I mean, is that, is that weird for me to say that? No, no, you could definitely say that. It’s definitely weird because it, for me, because it’s like, wow, you made it, you were actually doing something that you wanted to do that I think was like the love of your life thing. Oh,

Greg:                                     [07:21]                     definitely. I mean, it was, I felt it was something that I was trained to do my whole life. I loved it. It was all I ever wanted to do.

Stephen:                             [07:30]                     Well, let’s explain to people what it is because I think they’re sitting here saying, hmm, is it selling on Amazon? I think that’s his new one. However, that wasn’t the thing that you were trained to do at the time. So let’s talk about that.

Greg:                                     [07:41]                     I, uh, I was an actor. I was the youngest five children and my family and my brothers and sisters all acted. So whenever they needed a child, her little kid to be who one of their shows, I was always the one chosen. Um, you know, I used to joke my, my first play was when I was 18 months old and I never stopped after that. Um, yeah, I just grew up acting. I loved him. I was always, I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but I was always good at it. Well, let’s talk,

Stephen:                             [08:14]                     you had some success. I mean, you actually, I mean, I can go out and IMD be you. You actually are out there in the real. And I did, um, not recently, but I did when Andy told me this. I’m like, what? That’s cool. Um, you know, and this isn’t an ego thing, this is just to give perspective because to be candid, your life can change in a minute. And so I think this is really important, you know, to talk about. Um, so, okay. So let’s talk about some of the successes you had. You did, you did commercials stuff too, right?

Greg:                                     [08:43]                     Yeah, yeah, I did commercials, a couple of small movies and I was a very, very small, a bit parts and some bigger movies. And in bigger movies I was just in the background, but that’s still fun. And, uh, yeah, I was making my living, living, acting her for about three years, uh, before my voice started to decline.

Stephen:                             [09:09]                     So I mean, Eh, uh, you’ll see Greg’s picture grades a good looking guy. Um, and this is many years later it was still good looking guy, but back then you were a cute kid and so you had that going for you and you were able to use it. Um, how’s that go? How do, what goes through your mind? I mean his life over for you at that moment. Is that, is that weird to ask?

Greg:                                     [09:32]                     Um, no, it’s not because it’s John, you know, it’s like a, I, a dentist told me one day, he said, it’s like me losing my hands, you know, because I use, uh, this is me talking now. I used to be singer as well. All I ever wanted to do is just sing an act and I was actually doing it. And um, you know, we’re just kind of stopped. Um, I here I consider myself to be very level. I added, so I had to make a decision, am I going to be depressed about this? Um, am I gonna move back to my hometown and live in my parent’s house? I’m, you know, all these things were going through my head because, you know, not having a voice that, uh, I have, uh, a difficult time projecting, especially in the loud rooms. So I couldn’t be a waiter, you know, just for a job. I couldn’t tell Ya, you know, be on the phones. I couldn’t have a phone job. So there were all these things. I didn’t know what I was going to do, so I had to figure out how, basically my mindset first and you know, just say this is going to be part of my life now, so it’s not going to be all of my wife, but it’s just gonna be

Stephen:                             [10:50]                     part of me. So I better start living with it. When, when you think about, I mean, is it a perspective of things could be worse, right? Like you’re back to your dentist example with no arms, no...