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Trailer11th January 2022 • The Leadership Tales Podcast with Colin Hunter • Colin Hunter
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In this trailer, I share the “why” behind The Leadership Tales Podcast and give you a taste of what you can expect to gain from the series. Enjoy!


Hi folks, and welcome to Leadership Tales Podcast. My name is Colin Hunter and I'm your host. Today I'd just like to talk about what is the Leadership Tales podcast? Why have I started this? Why is it important to me, to you, and to the businesses you run? I suppose that the Leadership Tales piece that echoes most with me, is that everybody you'll hear from throughout this podcast series, and in each episode, are people who have taken their ship and sailed it out of the Harbor, they've gone further. Joined by Marian Pippin and joined by Aragon and Gimley and Legolas, and then guided by Gandalf. They head off on a quest to destroy The Ring. But they face good and evil. They have successes, they have failures, they have challenges, but they learn how to start to face those challenges in different ways. And they return to the village in the end. But they return change people. And therefore you're going to hear stories of people who have gone out on their own Hero's Journey or created a Hero's Journeys for others, which has meant those people, have gone back to the village, a changed person. So their stories are about their history, their present there now, and their future. And we're going to understand a bit about what they're facing and what they will face in the future and how they're trying to write the next chapters of their story. And they will also talk about their 'be more wrong' moments, their moments when they have either deliberately or accidentally failed. And they've learned and they've taken those learnings on board and crafted those learnings and those failures into something that has made them successful. So it is their space to learn to reflect. It is my job and my role to listen and be intensely curious and explore stories. These are all people that I know or know through connections. I've heard their stories and they're desperate for you to hear their stories and be able to learn from them. And every episode will be different. So there might be episodes you love, certain episodes you might love more than others. If you're anything like me, you'll listen to podcast series, and certain episodes you go. Yeah, that's for me. And Tim Ferriss said it best in his book, The Tools of Titans. He said here's a series of chapters, that you can use as a smorgasbord, you can pick and choose which are the ones you want to listen to and the stories are more relevant to you. So enjoy the leadership tales that I have enjoyed recording and in the future, more and more guests coming in to start to share their stories. Hopefully you learn something. But more importantly, hopefully their stories are heard right around the world. Thank you for listening.




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