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137: Vinay Chary | How to Overcome Addiction and Transform Your Mind
Episode 13725th August 2022 • Purpose Through Pain • Joseph James
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Vinay Chary is the owner and Chief Instructor of Triumph Krav Maga/Monkey Bar Gym in New Orleans. He also holds a Krav Maga Worldwide 2nd Degree Black Belt and a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt under Professor Matthias Meister. 

On This Episode:

  • Vinay shares his experiences growing up as an Indian in a majority white area.
  • Learn how Vinay spiraled into alcoholism and the history of addiction in his family.
  • Hear how a toxic relationship worsened Vinay’s addiction and habits.
  • Joseph and Vinay discuss the rehab process and trying to be sober in New Orleans.
  • Hear how learning self-defense can help you emotionally in addition to protecting yourself physically.
  • Find encouragement to overcome the ups and downs of life and business.
  • VInay explains why they sold everything they own and began traveling.

Key Takeaways:

  1. You have to tackle problems like addiction with no half measures.
  2. Community is a necessary asset when overcoming addiction and trauma.
  3. Learning to defend yourself is secondary to the confidence it builds.

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Everyone wants to talk about success, no one wants to talk about the small things. – Joseph James

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