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The Leadership Locker - Rich Cardona EPISODE 40, 18th June 2020
40. The Embarrassment of Racism with Christopher McDonald
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40. The Embarrassment of Racism with Christopher McDonald

“If you are apathetic about showing the difference of other people to your kids and pathetic about showing them that the world is an ugly place when it comes to race then someone else is going to get to them, in many cases it is the right person, but it may be the wrong person.”

Christopher has worked with everyone from high profile billionaires to celebrities to small businesses to identify, strategize, and build bridges that develop not just into relationships but new ventures never before imagined. 

Christopher McDonald grew up as an Army brat moving from place to place ranging from Japan to Fort Campbell, Kentucky.  He was often exposed to people of different color and backgrounds, but did not come face to face with racism until high school. Since high school Christopher has faced racism both subtle and overt during his time in Boston and Los Angeles. 

Connect with Christopher McDonald: 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What is “Code Switching?”

  • Changing Behavior to Protect Feelings

  • Navigating the Streets of Boston

  • Experiencing Overt Racism

  • Racism in Media and Education