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Catch yerself on - Rosalind Skillen 3rd December 2020
Resilience: how to bounce back
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Resilience: how to bounce back

Resilience is tied up with qualities like patience, determination and flexibility, yet it remains overlooked in our cultural conversation around confidence and empowerment. That's why I'm dedicating some airtime to this underrated character trait this week!

I am delighted to be joined by executive coach and consultant Natalie Hall (recently named as a Top 100 Female Entrepreneur in 2020!) who founded ElevateHer, a platform which offers resilience coaching to help enable women to prosper in both their personal and professional lives.

In this episode, we discuss how resilience relates to emotional intelligence and rest, why resilience does NOT mean accepting every challenge which is thrown at us, and why a stable support network is vital for building resilience.

Ultimately, resilience is not just about 'coping', it's about thriving. Natalie promotes working on resilience even before you feel like you need it... so, what are you waiting for? Start learning, listening and working on your resilience right now!

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