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Thomas Bähler – Legendary Music Producer, Composer & Creative
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Thomas Bähler – Legendary Music Producer, Composer & Creative

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Thomas Bähler

Tommy Bähler's life has been nothing less than extraordinary.

From a young child Tommy's father encouraged him to explore and exercise his intuition to discover the world. And has he ever done that.

Tommy has lived his life as a creative, music producer, composer, musician, author and more. There are few people in the music industry that he has not influenced. He wrote the hit "She's Out Of My Life" a song made famous by Michael Jackson - with nearly 21 million YouTube views. And other songs like "Living in a House Divided" sung by Cher and "Julie, Do You Love Me?" - one of Bobby Sherman's hit songs.

His legendary career has intertwined working with his close personal friend Quincy Jones on numerous projects - Including "We are the World." This incredible group of artists came together for a day of recording to help the USA for Africa provide much needed famine relief in Africa. Over $60 million was raised in just the first year along. Listen as Tommy discusses how this came together with the likes of Harry Belafonte, Michael Jackson, Ken Kragen, Lionel Richie and many others. Hear how Diana Ross reached out to Darryl Hall for his autograph - and how this simple gesture created a profound impact on all the artists at the recording session Learn how they insured that the proceeds went to the people in need - and bypassed the political corruption.

The short list of diverse artists that Tommy has worked with include: Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, Karen Carpenter, Neil Diamond, Cher, BJ Thomas, Kenny Rogers, Bobby Sherman, Elvis, Barbara Streisand, The Monkees, Smokey Robinson, David Cassidy, Frankie Avalon, Harry Belafonte, Barbara Mandrell, Patti LaBelle, Willie Nelson, Lionel Richie, Cyndi Lauper, Bob Geldof, James Ingram, Pete Townsend, Roger Daltry and many many more. He produced Siegfried & Roy for years and ran the Radio City Music Hall. Early in his career he was even a vocalists with his brother John Bähler on the Partridge Family theme song.

On top off all that, he created the vocal arrangements for the motion picture version of "The Wiz." Tommy served as Music Director for a number of events sponsored by the White House, including "America's Millennium", "Points of Light" and President Clinton's Inaugural Concert. He has also served as Music Director and arranger for "The Kennedy Center Honors."

Tommy has written two books. "Anything is Possible - A Tale of ÆSOP". which Quincy Jones says "Is an extraordinary read. A thought provoking exploration of freedom. It will inspire anyone who has ever desired a better life." His next book "What You Want Wants You" is Tommy's way of showing you how completely natural it is to ignite your imagination, access your infallible intuition, and open yourself up to all the amazing possibilities and unlimited potential you already possess. Tommy shares with us how the insights contained in these books have guided his life since a child.

In 2012 Tommy and I met at a publishing event in Las Vegas. We immediately hit it off and became friends. I feel blessed and honored to share our conversation and Tommy's incredible contributions that help make the world a better place.

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Tommy's Links & Resources

Book - Anything is Possible

Book - What You Want Wants You

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thomas.bahler