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The Scale Podcast - Marketing Strategies For Coaches - Oliver Denyer 4th November 2019
The Only Way To SCALE With Paid Traffic
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The Only Way To SCALE With Paid Traffic

Many coaches stay in their comfort zone when it comes to traffic. This can be content, social media traffic,  referrals or affiliate/joint venture partnerships. When it comes time to scale and use paid traffic to grow your business …there are a lot of misconceptions about how BIG coaching businesses do this. In this episode, I give you the uncut truth on how it really works.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Why you’re NOT going to get leads for $.050 each if you really want to grow your business
  • …therefore, why you should WANT to pay a ton more for your leads (maybe $15 or more).
  • The two elements that MUST exist if you want to hit seven figures when scaling with paid traffic. By the way this is more important than your copy, your targeting, your ‘upsells’ and your conversion rates. Actually if you get this right …your marketing can be pretty bad and you’ll still hose the competition
  • The one ‘tweak’ I made to the structure of my business that allows me to spend $30,000 per month on advertising
  • The REAL time frame you should aim to get an ROI on your ad spend


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