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Inspiration with John Lee Dumas and Tech Intensity with Data Soup
23rd July 2019 • Data Driven • Data Driven
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As we begin season 3 of Data Driven, Frank and Andy wanted to bring it back to the guy who inspired the entire show: John Lee Dumas. Although not yet quite a household name, JLD as he’s known to his fans, is the host of Entrepreneurs on Fire, an award winning podcast where he interviews inspiring Entrepreneurs who are truly ON FIRE. With over 2000 episodes, 1 million + listens a month, and seven-figures of annual revenue, JLD is just getting started.

Not to stop there, the Data Driven dynamic duo want to bring the heat and turn up the tech intensity levels to 11 with a virtual summit that covers everything data from soup to nuts. To that end, we are launching the Data Soup Virtual Summit. And are souper excited to give Data Driven Listeners a Discount (70% until Aug 5, 2019; 50% afterwards).

Back in the day – Richmond .Net Users Group, now Azure Richmond, and Richmond SQL Server Users Group.

Rick and Morty

Tech Intensity

John Lee Dumas!

Entrepreneurs on Fire

Age of the Entrepreneur movie

Think and Grow Rich movie

Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income

Love this:

What gets measured gets managed.” – Peter Drucker

“Data is either part of your business plan or part of your going-out-of-business plan.” – Frank

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The Dunkin Donuts *DataPoint* raw footage from the DataDriven Facebook page.


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Hello and Welcome to data driven the podcast where we
explore the emerging field of data science.
We bring the best minds in data software engineering machine
learning and artificial intelligence now hear your hosts Frank Lavigna
and Andy Leonard.
Hello and welcome back to data driven the podcast where
we explore the emerging fields of data science machine learning
and artificial intelligence is you like to think of data
as the new oil then you can consider a scar
talk ’cause.
We focus on where the rubber meets the road and
on with me on this epic road trip.
Down the information superhighway as he has been from day
Season one episode, one episode zero actually we started zero.
I take your room with me is Andy Leonard,
whose has gone from data engineer to chief data engineer
to you had another really data philosopher that’s what it
was yeah,
started with data philosopher back in today right which is
very cool by the way well.
I appreciate that Frank it kind of went with the
beard and back then.
I had the unbreaded version of the beard.
And so you know, I still call myself so go
ahead go ahead.
Now, because I still call myself a date a philosopher
at DILM Suite,
which is kind of like an offshoot of Edna.
They consulting company. I kept the title enterprise DNA for
those not in the know not Edna like Dame Edna
Yes, not the insurance company but enterprise data and analytics
Yeah, we are I work there Frank works at Microsoft.
Yep, which wasn’t the case during the whole podcast journey
Uh I had been riffed for Microsoft ’cause.
They basically said move to Seattle or else and I
But 18 months ago. Awesome has it been that long
wow well April so.
Yeah, well still fit OK 15 months,
he was 89 since the job opportunity was like first
presented to me.
Right right so it’s been an interesting it’s been interesting
I’m now they changed our titles for this upcoming fiscal
Microsoft fiscal year goes from July 1st to June 30th.
I am now a cloud solution architect.
I. I like that title better because it’s easier to
explain it party.
My cloud solution architect oh OK,
it’s cloud its architect. Where before I was a technology
solutions professional which?
Requires a bit of a follow-up sentence or 2 well
it’s vague.
Yeah, it is vague so.
It’s nice to have something that is.
Yeah, it’s funny ’cause throughout my tenure at Microsoft.
I’ve always had those kind of weird hard to explain
titles like evangelist.
Right you right straight folks like you and gathered 99%
of our listeners.
We get we know what Evangel says right writing,
but to normal people. They don’t necessarily like what like
televangelists right like like religious religious right?
That’s not quite like that,
Well, you weren’t although some would argue maybe it is.
Well II know you’ve always had a passion for community
for those who don’t know that I don’t know that
we’ve ever told the back story Frank.
Back story you and I when we first met it
it was November of 2005.
I know that and I remember that because the
users group was just getting going or getting re going.
I’m not sure. We’d kind of so when I moved
to Richmond from New Jersey I had.
Wanted to restart the group,
yeah, and by the time November happened.
We had a pretty good momentum going on.
I think you were there when we were at our
temporary location and we ended up taking up 2 conference
which was about twice the size of the group that
we expected.
Wow, Yeah. And I was talking about starting up a
Richmond SQL Group.
And EDU Dot E. Who was the developer evangelist for
the area at the time suggested I meet you?
Very cold and I think I told you like yeah,
just sent him on by you know,
I’ll be here so.
And he did an II popped in an gosh who
was I’m trying to remember the guys name.
It was be. I think it was from New Jersey.
I want to scale Castro.
It was Miguel Yes, and I didn’t come down.
Yeah, that was a fantastic presentation.
I had no idea who he was at the time.
Uh. But he is an awesome presenter,
He really is as very smart guy,
very impressive. Just just all around and we also I
distinctly remember meeting Nick Harris at that meeting as well.
Oh really yeah. Yeah, so we were all just we
were all kind of Newish to the Richmond area.
I was born in Richmond.
But I had lived in Jacksonville,
Florida for the previous 3 and a half years.
Anne I wish I’d gotten into community.
Now there I really didn’t know much about the technical
Although I lived in the area.
You know in the Richmond metropolitan area.
You know before I moved down to Florida,
but It was it was very interesting an?
You know, I kind of caught the bug and I
think you and I were both at a spot in
our lives where we had a little bit of extra
time and we were both very passionate about this whole
idea of community so we dove in.
Now absolutely and it’s funny,
you mentioned Miguel because Miguel and andem sack.
I think at the time.
He was known as Don XML,
where the guys that got me interested in community when
I lived in New Jersey.
Cool, so cool, so which actually I think leads us
to kind of our next topic.
One of our themes if you will,
for the year. ’cause now there were 3 seasons in
22 and a half years,
maybe? Yeah, yeah in this season was a bit delayed,
but it’s not been delayed as long as of Rick
and Morty season,
so count your blessings sitting at Barlow.
I love Rick and Morty so much love to harm
and I forgot.
The other guys name, but anyway,
so one of the things I think we want to
want to kick off on is.
2 things one is inspiration like what inspired us like
you know what?
What inspired us to get into data.
What can we do to inspire others.
It’s kind of pay it forward.
You know like what inspired us to get into this?
What inspired us to stay in this and how can
we pass that onto our listeners.
I think that’s really? I think that’s what gets us
up in a day and keeps up late at night.
And uh absolutely and then the other side of that.
The other topic that I think bleeds into it is
kind of takes into account our profession is tech intense
Right and tech intensity is one of those newfangled terms
that if you watch the inspire keynote.
Last week and internally we’ve been using that a lot
tech intensity,
which is basically.
Helping shit helping spread the knowledge of Technology,
More people like basically turning up our technology skills just
turning it up A notch.
Actually, maybe we don’t like these other things that we’re
seeing but whatever it is that there were passionate about
positively or negatively.
We share that exactly we just exactly it’s kind of
like a correlation measurement right like if it’s the closer.
It is to zero. There’s no correlation.
But the closer. It is to -1,
+1, there’s either negative correlation or a positive correlation?
How’s that for geeking out?
I like that. That’s got data science written all over
It’s almost like it’s a podcast or not data science,
which you do want so I think really the key
here is and what’s really cool is over the past.
Over the past 6 months.
We both have had challenges you know in terms of
deaths in the family.
My wife was half, collage,
she’s OK now that’s really what kind of is delayed
the season from coming out,
but also was part of that I managed to as
part of my job is go and.
Go through an actually. How people come up to me
when I’m presenting at a customer site like how?
Yeah, I love to show you know like tell Andy
I said hi.
You know it, yeah, yeah that happens to me with
It’s like you know it’s not just my mom listening.
You know, and it’s not like AI.
Bots that I program. I don’t actually have that,
but it’s actually something. Wait people are listening to and
we’re appreciate that we really appreciate that is so true.
Well then II’ll just I’ll say ’cause now I know
You said all of this up so I’m not stealing
anybody’s Thunder hear Frank did all the work once again.
Frank did all the work.
But we have 4 season 3 for this kickoff.
We have a really cool.
Guest all of our guests have been cool.
I’ve said this before they are awesome.
But this guest is a little higher visibility and some
circles that maybe not.
Our other guests have been as high visibility in an
That’s a big tease. I’m gonna do.
Frank I’m gonna let you take it from there and
This inspiration theme. I want to share with you all
with our listeners.
The guy who inspired me to podcast.
His name is John Lee Dumas,
he runs a podcast called entrepreneur on fire.
It’s an award winning podcast where he interviews.
Inspiring entrepreneurs, who are and his words on fire.
An he has over 2000 episodes.
If anyone posts more content on the Internet than me.
It’s probably him 1,000,000 plus listeners a month,
7 figures from his podcast of annual revenue.
He’s known to his fans,
is just JLD. And he’s just getting started.
He’s he’s doing a lot of great stuff,
he’s actually been in 2 movies.
Documentaries not like Avengers or anything like that,
but that is 2 more documentaries that I’ve been in.
So you know much props to him and he’s been
continual source of inspiration.
You can better shut off my Alexa because soon as
I start talking about her.
She will start playing it.
But if he actually has a flash briefing on Amazon
So if you want to do it.
You could just ask play entrepreneur on fire right.
He is a genius. He is a veteran you served
our country in Iraq.
He is awesome, because he he’s just very inspirational.
He has a program called Podcasters Paradise,
which we kind of talked about.
A lot in terms of the training that I did.
We always mentioned the training.
The Frank dude? Absolutely, you kind of help get the
podcast going?
Yeah, this guy sounds pretty cool who were talking about
oh it’s some gardening.
John Lee Dumas. So Alexa Alexa always puts on like
a little bit of a French twist on it.
Like John Lee Dumas that is the roots.
That’s where the fam comes from also another French Canadian,
the call. Yes, danger danger danger Andy I’m outnumbered.
It’s all good. It’s all good welcome Mr.
Dumass. Thank you for inviting me.
I’m looking forward to hanging out with.
You too, for a little while so Welcome to the
For those that don’t know.
He just mentioned that you were in 2 documentaries one
of which I just got the email about today.
Do you want to talk about that age of the
entrepreneur it was a documentary that features 24 pretty successful
entrepreneurs and I mean,
this team put in the work I mean,
they actually flew down 2.
Puerto Rico with a full team with the full video
We recorded all day I mean,
it was a definite production.
It was a couple of years ago,
the filming. I mean, this takes a long time for
these higher production movies to kind of obviously make the?
Progress from conception to reality and it was really cool
to see it come out and to sit down to
watch it and to see people like Les Brown Russell
Brunson T Harv Ecker Jenna Cucheron,
just a ton of other successful entrepreneurs be apart of
it and think it’s really going to move the needle
for some people awesome.
I was excited just watching the trailer cool well.
I can drop a quick link for people to ask
is it still free to watch it won’t be forever,
but slash. Video you can go watch the whole
movie for free and will be sure to put that
into show notes and the next item was you were
also I think it was the think and grow rich
Yes, that also was a super highly produced movie that
was actually the highest produce.
I’ve ever been. I mean,
they brought in real characters real scenes were shot.
You know they would go back in time.
And I mean that was some cinematography at hours in
I just remember I was watching it.
’cause I think it’s like Amazon Prime or something like
And I’m watching and I’m like and you show up.
I’m like holy crap holy crap?
Yeah, we wanna things that I think really inspired was
kind of talked a lot about this in a number
of places about what got...