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Integration for Better Health with Laurin Wittig
Episode 4517th February 2023 • The Abundance Journey: Accelerating Revenue With An Abundance Mindset • Elaine Starling
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What you're experiencing on the outside, in your everyday world, is a reflection of what's going on inside and what you're feeling in the moment.  Guest, Laurin Wittig, talks about the experiential alignment we all need that unites body, mind, and spirit into one holistic being.  

This level of integration resolves health issues, clears confusion, and helps you get in sync with life.  Laurin shares that Abundance is authentically sharing your gifts and making a difference for others because that’s when you feel most fulfilled and whole, functioning as your highest self in the moment.

About the Guest:

Laurin Wittig is an intuitive healer and a mentor to those on or just beginning a spiritual path, the founder of the Heartlight Wise Women Circles, and an award-winning novelist.

She loves to combine her healing skills and her story skills to help her clients reveal the stories that no longer serve them in mind, body, or spirit. As healing happens, new stories are discovered, enhancing, and supporting the transformation into a healthier, more joyful, heart-centered life.

This is the same journey Laurin took to health and heart-centered purpose. It brings her great joy to be able to assist others on their journeys to joy.


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About the Host, Elaine Starling:

An international TEDx speaker, bestselling author, coach and mentor, Elaine

Starling is recognized for her video show and podcast, The Abundance Journey.

After a comprehensive conversation with our higher power during a stroke, Elaine created The Abundance Journey 6 week course to share what she learned. As the

Abundance Ambassador, Elaine mentors spiritual, growth-oriented women to align with Divine guidance to achieve their dreams. Elaine’s clients experience more clarity, confidence, and commit to action that achieves their goals.

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TEDx Talk, “Abundance Is a Choice”


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