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Transformative Art with Dana Lynne Andersen
4th February 2020 • iCreateDaily Podcast • iCreateDaily Podcast
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History proves that art has the power to change civilizations. Transformative art purposefully cultivates the unique capacity of art to heal, awaken and transform.

If you’re a creator, we know you believe in the transformative power of art. Our guest, Dana Lynne Andersen, shares her journey from artist to academician and back to artist.

Dana’s magnificent paintings have been featured on the covers of books, magazines and calendars, newspapers, radio and television. She has taught and exhibited on three continents, and hosts an annual art academy in Assisi, Italy.

In 1986 Dana founded her first “Transformative Arts Studio” in Berkeley, California – a nexus for the pioneering integration of Art and Spirituality.

In 2002 she founded “Awakening Arts”, an international network of artists committed to the creation of art that is uplifting and transformative.

In 2009 Dana began teaching in Italy and India, establishing The Academy of Art, Creativity & Consciousness and developing a certification program in the approach. The Academy has two centers; near Assisi, Italy and Portland, Oregon.

Conversation Topics:

  • Dana’s story
  • Her incredible art
  • The Awakening Arts Academy
  • Classes for artists
  • Transformative Art Certifications
  • Creative habits
  • The transformative power of art
The creative process is actually one of the most powerful things we can possibly do to help the world.
~Dana Lynne Andersen, artist,
When we are immersed in the creative flow we open our hearts and minds. It is intrinsically healing. When we tap the Source within we open a channel of inexhaustible inspiration.
~Dana Lynne Andersen, artist,
"The creation of beauty and the experience of beauty actually cracks us open to a bigger reality."
~Dana Lynne Andersen, artist,
"When we create... when we're in a creative flow, we're actually tapping into the deepest source of power and presence, vitality and vision."
~Dana Lynne Andersen, artist,
"After a very short time of creating, people just hook in and connect with the source of that power within and then they feel the connection to the source of all of life... the whole universe."
~Dana Lynne Andersen, artist, founder
"If we want to save the world we have to have turned on people who are in direct relationship to their own source from within."
~Dana Lynne Andersen, artist,
"God whose center is everywhere and circumference, nowhere."
~ancient quote - original author unknown
"Creativity is this mighty force that shows up in everything you do."
~Dana Lynne Andersen, artist,
"The arts are powerful because they activate and instigate creativity."
~Dana Lynne Andersen, artist,
"Figuring out how to make a living as an artist and a creative person is an enormous creative enterprise. It requires all kinds of resourcefulness."
~Dana Lynne Andersen, artist,
"I met this artist who said her secret to success was refusing to do anything else."
~Dana Lynne Andersen, artist,
"Sometimes, [making a living as an artist] means that you live simply. But living simply is also a very beautiful thing... there's a lot of riches in that."
~Dana Lynne Andersen, artist,
"If you're putting out the effort and you're moving forth with courage, your way is guided. Follow your inner guidance."
~Dana Lynne Andersen, artist,
"Innately, instinctively and intrinsically, every human being is a creator."
~Dana Lynne Andersen, artist,
"Art is something that triggers creativity. We have it backwards, we think that in order to do art you have to be a creative person, and that certain people are creative people and certain people aren't, and that's just absolutely false. It's not true at all."
~Dana Lynne Andersen, artist,
"The creative life is a vital life, a courageous life, a fulfilled life. The person is flowing forth the sap of life force in their body and being when they're creating. And if you cut that off, you create withered human beings, or at least part of their body-psyche-soul is atrophied.
~Dana Lynne Andersen, artist,
"It's disempowering to a human being not to be creative, and perhaps the most important of all, it cuts off that aperture to the soul. When you are creative you are opening up a direct link with the divine inside of you."
~Dana Lynne Andersen, artist,


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