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How to Overcome the Unthinkable: The True Story of Alex Schneider | EDIT09 - S3
Episode 927th October 2021 • Unapologetic Stories • Anna Mullens
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On this week’s edit, Anna talks to author and speaker, Alex Schneider, whose mother was murdered by her step-father when she was only 16 years old. After a decade of healing, Alex has remarkably learned how to find compassion, advocate for the mental health community and navigate the complexities of forgiveness. An inspiring tale of overcoming, Alex’s story teaches us that when grief and trauma are at play, the most powerful thing you can do is write your own new story. 

Other topics discussed on this edit: 

> PTSD, Trauma 

> Mental Health 

> Psychosis 

> Grief + Forgiveness 

> Writing a book 

> Telling your story, your way  

> True Crime Podcasts

> Compassion

> Group Therapy

> The magic of dragonflies 

About the Guest: 

Alex Schneider is an author, speaker, and advocate from the West Coast of BC. Alex’s debut memoir, Dragonfly Tides, explores her adolescent experience of trauma, grief, and her journey of finding hope after the unthinkable has happened.


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About the Host: 



Anna was born with a deep fascination for letters - a fascination that deepened when she discovered those letters could turn into words, those words into sentences and those sentences into stories. Not surprisingly, Anna graduated from The University of Victoria, with a Degree in both English and Gender Studies, fuelling her eventual mission to put the power of words back into the hands of women.

Despite multiple other certifications along the way, including one with world-renowned author and personal transformation pioneer, Deepak Chopra, it was ultimately her personal battle with post-traumatic stress, depression and anxiety that became the catalyst for the work she does now, as she helps pave the way for others to live with vulnerability and courage whether they are online, offline or on stage. 

She is currently completing her Masters degree in Professional Communication at Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia. 

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