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Healing in Hindsight™ - Taylor Daniele™ EPISODE 5, 15th August 2020
More about your new favorite drug
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More about your new favorite drug

Welcome back to another episode! In this episode, I wanted to kind of piggyback on the last one where we learned about what Metformin is, how it works with your body, and some of the side effects you can expect with it. Something that I wanted to include in our learnings about Metformin is timing. 

I know. It’s already one thing to have to take the medication but now you have to time it?? Sort of. It’s more so understanding how timing can affect your blood sugar levels when you’re eating and taking your meds. The good news is it’s short and sweet. Time is of the essence right?


  • Your body is in a constant cycle
  • Why timing matters
  • Digest, drugs, rest, rinse and repeat

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