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The Growth Vault Podcast - AutomateGrowSell.com 22nd June 2016
Get Control Of Your Time
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Get Control Of Your Time

In this RAW I speak with my friend Derreck Smallwood from down south USA, AR.  Derreck is a small business owner who has tripled his business in the last three years. Derreck is a talented developer and works on many side projects at the same time he is running his primary business.  Today we talk about how to do a better job managing your time. Time management is a tough topic and not one I typically enjoy dealing with.  The hardest person on Earth to lead is ourselves, right? We discuss an AMAZING concept about how to gauge the use of our time.  We talk about how we should all look at the things we do each day an categorize them into 4 different groups:

  • $10/hour tasks
  • $100/hour tasks
  • $500/hour tasks
  • $5000/hour tasks

This concept is incredible because it forces us to examine WHAT we do each day rather than only on how hard we work.  

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