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Building Brands Like Oprah Winfrey, Steve Harvey and Fortune 500 Companies w/ Jen Kem |RTB#47
Episode 14118th June 2021 • The Road To A Billion • Stefan Georgi
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As a freelancer or entrepreneur you’re always looking for the BEST advice to scale your business or brand yourself…

You might have listened to YouTube guru’s, invested in random personal development or business growth courses…

But today, on episode 47 of The Road to a Billion with Stefan Georgi…

The call-in show where YOU get to ask him questions about copywriting, freelancing, relationships, scaling offers, entrepreneurship, mindset, and more...

We bring you the Industry Elite!

Stefan is joined by total badass Jen Kem who became responsible for one of the biggest breakthroughs of Copy Accelerator when she called out the lack of a clear framework, and then helped Stefan and Justin develop it.

Jen is a strategic brand advisor to modern entrepreneurs and the creator of the Master Brand Method: a framework to develop powerful brand archetypes that win customers’ hearts...

She works with emerging entrepreneurs, celebrity brands like Oprah Winfrey Network and Steve Harvey, and major corporations including Verizon, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Bank of Hawaii.

And, most importantly, she is someone who deeply understands entrepreneurs’ fears and challenges.

Jen built a retail business and became a millionaire at 32, only to lose it all in the recession two years later...

But that didn’t stop her from getting back up and building three million-dollar brand-building businesses.

Here’s a glimpse of the groundbreaking insights you are about to uncover:

- The powerful advice from Jen’s mentors that resulted in her expanding success (EVERY freelancer should know this)

- The 5 Pillars every entrepreneur needs to develop to build a Master Brand and how they created Santa Claus and Donald Trump.

- Why copywriting is recession-proof and the importance of having the patience to be an apprentice

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Show notes

  • Who is Jen?
  • How Jen helps every day entrepreneurs harness the energy of Steve Jobs
  • How Oprah and a Victoria's Secret bag led to Jen’s multimillion dollar business
  • How Covid did the real estate industry a BIG favor
  • These 5 Pillars are the blueprint to creating a Master Brand
  • The Pillar that holds 8 figure entrepreneurs back from scaling their businesses to 9 or 10 figures
  • The ONE thing copywriters need to focus on to increase their value and become recession proof
  • The honour in being like Luke Skywalker raising his X-wing out of the swamp
  • A powerful lesson from Jen’s mentor that every freelancer with BIG goals should take seriously
  • Jen and Stefan eat their own dog food for self-insurance and future gains
  • How to connect with Jen Kim online and where to take her game changing Archetype Quiz
  • The value of creating an Archetype will add depth to your offer and land you more clients
  • Jen’s top 3 investment predictions for the coming year
  • Jen dishes some blunt advice about why confidence is key for a new copywriter to dominate
  • Bonus: Jen’s 4th prediction
  • How imposter syndrome can send your clients running to your competition
  • The quote by Jens desk that keeps her moving forward when she’s feeling desperate

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