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Youpreneur FM Podcast - Chris Ducker EPISODE 186, 14th October 2016
The Power of Brand, Tribe and Business Know-How, with Chalene Johnson
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The Power of Brand, Tribe and Business Know-How, with Chalene Johnson

Entrepreneur. Direct marketing superstar. Guinness Book of World Records holder and celebrity trainer. These are just a few of the ways to describe today's guest, Chalene Johnson.

Chalene is the powerhouse behind 30 Day Push, Smart Success seminar, The Chalene Show podcast and she's the best-selling author of Push.

From her first business of flipping cars to pay for college to her massively popular Turbo Jam fitness company, Chalene has been an entrepreneur. Her commitment has always been helping people, identifying needs and solving problems.

In the early days of Turbo Jam's success she says she was doing everything for her business: responding to message board inquiries, creating new dance routines, filming, all of it. Sure it was a tremendous financial success for her, but she felt sick and miserable. When her first royalty check came in the mail, and it was a hefty $365,000, she fell on her couch and cried because she knew she couldn't keep it up.

So over the next several years she and her husband completely reverse engineered her out of the Turbo Jam business, and then went through a lengthy negotiation process to sell it. The lesson she learned as a result? She didn't have to always do more or be more productive; once you learn how to do something you can outsource it and have others do it for you.

Today she helps people do just that with her personal brand built on programs, podcasts, and her books. Her mission is to undo the example she set with her Turbo Jam business! She wants others to enjoy and have success in every area of their lives from their families to their businesses, and all points in between.

She has created a movement, one of the pillars of which is her 30 day push program. This program was created based on her own personal success, and failures. Clearly she's someone who can set and achieve goals, she's a master at it. This program shows people how to set 10 goals for the year based on your own priorities. Then choose that one "push goal" that will have a domino affect on the others.

Perhaps you want to take a month off to go somewhere with your family, that's one of your 10 goals. Chalene's program helps you look at the other 9 and figure out which is the goal that will push you forward to achieve the others.

Those are just a few of the topics we cover on the today's episode. Chalene is a powerful wealth of information so tune in to hear the full scope of her knowledge.

Essential Learning Points From This Episode:

  • The All-Michigan Auto Swap Meet was her first business: true or false?
  • Why Chalene was so miserable when she got her first royalty check.
  • How she and her husband reverse engineered and sold their fitness business.
  • Why a seasonal approach to growing a business is so impactful.
  • Her biggest passion right now is podcasting. Why?
  • What's the real reason I have 150 domain names...?!
  • Much, much more!

Important Links & Mentions From This Episode:

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