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Contract Management for the Real World – Dominique Kindt from WITH
Episode 186th September 2023 • The Procuretech Podcast: Digital Procurement, Unwrapped • James Meads
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In this episode of The Procuretech Podcast, host James Meads features Dominique Kindt, CEO and founder of consultancy With and Birdseye. Kindt developed a contract lifecycle management platform in response to the lack of effective solutions in the market. He believes that many companies focus too much on the pre-contract signing phase and neglect the post-signature phase, which is where 80% of contract lifecycle management occurs.

Contract Lifecycle Management: A Deep Dive with Dominique Kindt, CEO and Founder of With and BirdsEye

In this episode, the "holy triangle" concept for successful software implementation is discussed, emphasising a well-defined process, proper training, and optimal software utilisation. Merely purchasing licenses is insufficient; correct software usage within a clear process and training for employees are essential. A well-defined process involves configuration, installation, and adoption, preventing underutilisation of the software. Proper training ensures user awareness and maximises the benefits of the process and visibility tools. Optimal software use provides visibility and must be facilitated for effective process execution. Organisations should prioritise the holy triangle of process, software, and people rather than focusing solely on license acquisition. This holistic approach aims for visibility and effectiveness through process, software, and people alignment. Timestamps: [00:02:00] Introducing Dominique Kindt CEO of With and Birdseye. [00:03:40] Contract life cycle management. [00:10:01] Post-signature contract lifecycle management. [00:11:01] The Holy Triangle. [00:14:09] Leveraging supplier relationships. [00:18:20] Value leakage in contracts. [00:22:10] Driving visibility with dashboarding. [00:24:35] Procurement's added value in negotiations. [00:28:11] Demoing platform features. And that wraps up another episode of The Procuretech Podcast! Thanks to Dominique for sharing his insights with us today, and big thanks to you for listening. We'll be back at the same time next week, so see you there. If you want to learn more about Dominique Kindt, Birdseye, WITH, or Procurement Software, check out the useful links below.

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