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The No Head-Trash Nation - Greg Yates EPISODE 44, 5th October 2019
EP 44 | Unplanned Breakthrough
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EP 44 | Unplanned Breakthrough

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Today I’m talking about the massive PATTERN BREAK I call Unplanned Breakthrough… it’s the most resistant topic – the most upside down perspective I’ve ever experienced and IT HAS the most potential for you to fulfill that vision you’ve got for your life.

I know we’re all busy planning our breakthroughs, building our vision and dreams, mapping out the step-wise course to those incredible heights of victory… and we should… you should…  if you know me, you know I’m all about systems, about intentionality – making sure we’re pointed toward a clear objective and measuring whether we’re moving closer to it or away from it every day…   

But this Unplanned Breakthrough concept – really, it’s not a concept, it’s a tidal wave of reality ... like the moment when you reach enough lift that your plane surges into the air instead of just going really fast down the runway…  

Unplanned Breakthrough ALWAYS happens AGAINST YOUR WILL.                                 

I know.. I know… if it’s SO GREAT - Then I want it, right?  Why would you say it happens AGAINST my will?  

Well let me tell you what UNPLANNED BREAKTHROUGH looks like. 

It’s the painful circumstance you pray to GOD will turn around. But we’ve all said it… that made me a better person. We hated it, but the process of it was Breakthrough. 

It’s the tough love you get when a friend is willing to ask you the hard question. 

It’s the in-ability to tell the story in a way that makes you look JUSTIFIED.

It’s the moment your blood pressure spikes, your shields go up and you’re angry… then hurt… then ready to throw in the towel on your life having any meaning at all…

Yes, it’s great to plan your breakthroughs but don’t overlook the unplanned breakthroughs that could change your life for the better today. Surround yourself with a tribe that will love you enough to help you reach your highest created potential and Break Free from the Head Trash that’s holding you back.