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18 - Booty Pirates and Being Imprisoned in North Korea
Episode 1827th January 2020 • Not So Bon Voyage Travel Podcast • Jules Hatfield and Christine Williams
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We’re still in rainy Vancouver, so we’ve been spending our time reading up on the craziest travel stories from the headlines! After covering some stories of outrageous overseas credit card charges last week, we up the ante with the tale of a man who accidentally paid almost 100,000 Aussie dollars for a beer in Manchester! We think that one takes the cake! Thank Claire for sending in the story (

We also cover the recent story of a woman who boarded a flight to Chicago and ended up with a text stalker who boarded with her. Be careful out there women! Creeeeepppppyyyy!

For our main stories, Jules tells Christine the heartbreaking and mysterious story of Otto Warmbier, the American student who was imprisoned in North Korea for allegedly stealing a propaganda poster. You may remember this story from the news, but we guarantee you won’t know all the crazy details! 

Then Christine tells Jules a silly story of cruise blackouts and booty pirates on the high seas!

We’d love to tell your crazy travel stories on the show! Hit us up on social media @notsobonvoyage ( All episode show notes and links can be found on our website



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