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12 – Jeff Gracer tells us what NYC is doing about our climate
16th September 2018 • Earth+30 • Earth+30
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Jeff Gracer is an Environmental lawyer, former head of the Environment Committee of the NY Bar Association and co-Founder of the New York City Climate Action Alliance. Not only does Jeff know a lot about the environment and our laws, but he knows how the system works and understands that we have all the tools we need to make a major dent in the threat to climate change. His analysis is solid, interesting, and compelling. After our conversation I now understand that current efforts, with a bit of help, can have a huge impact on the greater NY area. The most interesting part of me is that this is a model that can not only transfer to many other cities in the country, and world, but also scale significantly beyond a metropolitan level. I hope you find our conversation as interesting as I did.