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4 Reasons Why Affirming Students is the Most Important Goal for Back-to-School [#134]
Time of Year Episode 13418th June 2024 • Educate & Rejuvenate: The Podcast • Kelsey Sorenson, Elementary Teacher, Homeschool Mom, and Life Coach
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Meet Heidi and Emily from The Teacher Approved podcast

Do you ever feel like there’s just not enough time to be the kind of teacher you know you could be? Co-hosts (and sisters!) Heidi and Emily of Second Story Window are here to help you elevate what matters and simplify the rest. Join them as they share research-based and teacher-approved strategies to make your teaching more efficient and more effective than ever before. Count on the Teacher Approved podcast for a weekly serving of bite-sized professional development that you can apply in your classroom today.

What is ATTA BOY? And how it can help you with affirming students

After planning all summer and getting things ready, we know you are eager to start teaching the curriculum when the first day of school finally arrives. And while it’s great to review concepts from last year, that’s not the most important aspect at the beginning of school. You’ve heard us use the acronym ATTA BOY to describe your back-to-school goals, but in today’s episode, we’re sharing why affirming students is your most important goal for back-to-school.

Once we thought about it, we realized that affirming students in the beginning is key to success with the other three goals of training, teaching, and assessing. Building connections with students and creating a safe space for them to learn and grow, impacts their learning, engagement, and behavior. Additionally, we give ideas on how to effectively implement affirming students in your classroom.

It’s normal to want to jump right into learning content right at the beginning, but your students’ learning will be more effective if you start with the affirming goal. So while you’re still planning this summer, don’t forget to include some plans on ways for affirming students.

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