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Nutrition for Career Success (Ep 232)
Most Recent Episodes Episode 2321st April 2024 • The Job Hunting Podcast • Renata Bernarde
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Jessica Spendlove is a dietitian who specializes in optimizing performance through nutrition. Her work reveals a critical yet often overlooked aspect of professional success: that our diet is not just fuel for our bodies but a key driver of our cognitive capabilities and overall performance in the high-stakes corporate world. And not just our diet: She also wants us to know that exercise, sleep, and the way we treat our body and mind matter.

Jessica's insights present a refreshing narrative, shifting the focus of job search from mere “skill and experience” to include the fundamental and holistic role of wellbeing and nutrition in professional excellence. Yet, we often neglect our diet and well-being during our demanding life and work. However, for ambitious professionals, understanding the significant role of diet could be the catalyst for achieving new heights in their careers.

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Timestamps to guide your listening:

  • 01:28 Jessica Spendlove’s Journey from Athlete to Dietitian 
  • 03:34 From Athletes to Corporate Warriors 
  • 07:23 The Power of Protein and Managing Stress Through Diet 
  • 13:45 Navigating Career Transitions 
  • 16:57 Advanced Strategies for Health and Performance 
  • 26:42 Exploring Optimal Performance for Now and the Future 
  • 28:38 The Three Pillars of Health: Nutrition, Sleep, and Movement 
  • 33:27 Micro Recovery Strategies for High Achievers 
  • 35:25 Personal Anecdotes and the Importance of Sleep 
  • 41:19 Addressing Misconceptions in Coaching 
  • 45:06 Strategies for Full Schedules 
  • 47:45 Wrapping Up and Future Engagements 

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Hello, I'm Renata Bernarde, the Host of The Job Hunting Podcast. I'm also an executive coach, job-hunting expert, and career strategist. I teach corporate, non-profit, and public professionals the steps and frameworks to help them find great jobs, change, and advance their careers with confidence and less stress. 

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