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37. "It's Easier To Just Go to School Sick"... or IS it? (Teacher Mindset & Taking A Day Off)
Sub Planning 27th September 2022 • Wife Teacher Mommy: The Podcast • Kelsey Sorenson, Elementary Teacher, Homeschool Mom, and Life Coach
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How many times have you said to yourself, it’s easier to just go to school sick? I would guess more times than you can count. Teachers make so many sacrifices, and one of those is going into school, even when we don’t feel good. But is that always the right decision? I think there’s a way for you to think differently that will create a different result. So in today’s episode, I’m sharing a mindset shift that gets teachers taking a day off with less guilt. 

According to a study, an astonishing 1 in 5 teachers don’t take their sick days. While that probably doesn’t surprise most of us, it’s time to start doing something about it. I’ve come up with two ideas on how to get teachers taking a day off. 

My first idea might surprise you, but it aligns with our mission and passion at Wife Teacher Mommy: creating a mindset shift. You’ve heard me mention this, especially in our Life Coaching program inside Wife Teacher Mommy Club, but it’s because I truly believe in it. During the episode, I outline Brooke Castillo’s mindset strategy of the CTFAR Model. By understanding the mindset strategy, it changes the decision surrounding teachers taking a day off. 

After changing your mindset, the next thing is to make sure you have plans done ahead of time. Having items prepped and prepared for when you need them, allows you the path of least resistance in taking a day off. One thing to reinforce is these emergency sub plans don’t need to be fluff or a waste of your students’ time while you’re gone. Instead, make them engaged and standards-aligned, by maybe incorporating spiral review. 

We’re not saying it’s always easy for teachers to take a day off, but it’s definitely necessary for when you’re sick or need a mental health day. Instead of feeling guilty or stressed about teachers taking a day off, if you create a mindset shift and plan ahead with your sub plans, you will take the much needed day, knowing everything is taken care of! 

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