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How to use quotation marks (speech marks) in writing
The punctuation collection Episode 2828th August 2019 • The Editing Podcast • Louise Harnby (fiction editor) and Denise Cowle (non-fiction editor)
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Denise and Louise discuss how to use quote marks (or speech marks) in writing ... and when not to use them. 

Summary of the Show

  • What are quote marks for?
  • Should I use straight or curly quote marks?
  • Should I use single or double quote marks?
  • Where does the closing quote mark go in relation to other punctuation?​
  • When not to use quote marks

Editing Bites

  • ‘How to punctuate dialogue in a novel’: (blog)
  • ‘How to punctuate dialogue in a novel’: (video playlist):
  • ‘Worry-free Writing: how to use quote marks’:

Other Resources

  • Chicago Manual of Style
  • Penguin Guide to Punctuation
  • New Hart’s Rules

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Denise and Louise

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  • Louise Harnby | Fiction Editor:

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