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The Parents At Work Podcast Series Parents At Work Podcast - Parents At Work 10th May 2017
Techno Kids – Parenting In A Digitial World
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Techno Kids – Parenting In A Digitial World

Parenting in a Digital World is packed with simple ideas and essential information for modern parents, de-bunking the myths and arming parents with facts to eradicate fears when it comes to understanding what young children, aged 0-12 years, need to thrive online and off in a digital world.

Drawing from her experience as a teacher, researcher and mum Dr Goodwin translates essential, research-based information so today’s parents can make informed choices about how they can harness technology with their children (and ditch their techno-guilt in return). Modern kids actually need really simple things for healthy development and screens can be part of their world.

This special 1-hour podcast covers the following topics:

- The latest research on technology and children

- How much screen time is the right amount?

- Tips for parents to support children to manage their own online usage

- The World Wide Web and children - what parents should know about what’s really going on.

- Cybersafety basics – educating your children

- Online programs and activities to support learning development

- How to drop the techno-guilt

- What do our own online habits reflect to our children?

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